My availability next week or so…

Sorry for not being around for a week lately, I have been in the process of moving and my main PC is buried away. Its been a very long process moving. I will respond to emails when I can. I look forward to returning fully in a week or so going forward. I will update […]

ANN: BFGMINER 5.4.2 installer/uninstaller files for GenTarkin’s firmware. ~ FREE!

Hi everyone! I’ve finished general testing of KNC’s new BFGMiner 5.4.2 and new waas binary – they seem to be working great. Attached are 2 files: The UPGRADE(installer) file which includes KNC BFGMiner 5.4.2, the ¬†waas binary/source and my slightly updated end user LICENSE(which can be seen on this site). The ORIGINAL(uninstaller) which simply reverts […]

NOTE: My availability next 2 weeks…

Potentially I may not be around a lot these coming 2 weeks. I will check in with the website and my website email occasionally but there’s no guarantee. So, I ask that all my customers w/ order or technical questions be patient w/ me during this time. I will get back to you soon as […]

v1.0.4 posted, RELEASE NOTES

GenTarkin’s Mod ~ Custom KNC Titan firmware v1.0.4 RELEASE NOTES – maintenance release Energy Saver: Fixed an issue where in some situations Energy Saver would get stuck on a stage in an infinite loop due to incorrect die counting results. Energy Saver: If incorrect die counting results still results in a loop for stages.. wrote […]