IMPORTANT “Energy Saver” Update!

Prior to enabling “Energy Saver” …. Please set any dies listed as being “auto-bypassed”(if any dies are they will be listed in ADVANCED page) to “OFF!!!!” then clear the autobypass list. Then apply the settings. Then “Energy Saver” can be turned on. This will greatly increase the accuracy of the results. It may also decrease […]

v1.0.2 posted, RELEASE NOTES

GenTarkin’s Mod ~ Custom KNC Titan firmware v1.0.2 RELEASE NOTES – maintenance release Fixed an issue in regards to user specified api-allow settings in “manual edit” mode. Its a bug thats been around since v99e and someone just pointed out to me. Basically, the “API readonly checkbox” was overriding any user specified settings for the […]


Priced as follows: 1-9 licenses – STANDARD PRICING 10-30 license pack – 5% discount – coupon code: volume10-5-350 31-50 license pack – 10% discount – coupon code: volume31-10-1085 51+ license pack – 15% discount – coupon code: volume51-15-1785 To qualify, all licenses must be purchased in 1 purchase! note: past purchases do not apply towards […]

CHANGE: License key info, PLEASE READ!

For now, manual tracking of license keys is a good idea but there is a bug that prevents manual reactivation of my Titan firmware. Its absolutely necessary that after your Titan is successfully activated to create a backup for that Titan via the backup page and track which Titans the backups belong to. The relevant […]

A new feature makes its way into the firmware….

Since I decided to make it so “Energy Saver” wont be runnable when there are dies in a throttled state due to DCDC overheat…. Now the ADVANCED page will show what dies are throttled … while they are throttled. Also, while “Energy Saver” is in progress, if any dies enter a throttled state then the […]