POLICY UPDATE: for purchases of my firmware through vegasguy

If you purchased my firmware through vegasguy’s website or his ebay auction prior to 1.13.6 the following applies to you:

I have now obtained a copy of the client base w/ just email addresses & purchase dates. I do not have the purchase QUANTITY per customer:
1. If you still haven’t received your free upgrade to my latest release, send me an email using CONTACT page using the same email you purchased originally with w/ your request for free copy.
2. I will verify your email against the client list.
3. If they match, I will let you know.
4. You create your user account on my website using same email address.
5. I will then issue you your free upgrade copy(s).

NOTE: If you purchased more than 1 originally, you will have to show proof of purchase for more than 1, otherwise you get only 1 copy. (additional copies can be purchased on my site)