v1.0.4 posted, RELEASE NOTES

GenTarkin’s Mod ~ Custom KNC Titan firmware v1.0.4 RELEASE NOTES – maintenance release

  • Energy Saver: Fixed an issue where in some situations Energy Saver would get stuck on a stage in an infinite loop due to incorrect die counting results.
  • Energy Saver: If incorrect die counting results still results in a loop for stages.. wrote a fallback to guarantee no infinite loops would occur by forcibly going to the next stage if the current stage is running for over 48hrs.
  • Energy Saver: If any dies are detected being auto-bypass when user starts Energy Saver, it will show a notification that those dies need to be set to OFF(and settings applied) prior to starting Energy Saver.

In short, if you installed my previous builds and had energy saver run for over a week…then its highly possible one of the stages is stuck in an infinite loop. This release will fix that.

note: The updated download file is found in your account if you purchased the “FULL COPY”
note: Prior to upgrading, please stop Energy Saver if its running. Then install upgrade, reboot then start Energy Saver.